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Deal With It - The fun, interactive way to train you team.


Fun and enjoyable training is memorable, that makes for effective training.
Your team takes turns answering real-life situations, while other participants are allowed to offer alternative solutions. You reward best responses for how to deal with it. The game makes it easy to control your group so it can stay on topic.

Customized customer service training to meet your need.
Your team learns how you want service handled. With over 200 customer service training modules, you will have scenarios specific to your industry. Your team deals with reality, not theory.

More than a customer service training game, a training system - The Deal With It concept.
Deal With It has expanded beyond customer service training to include optional training modules on the topics your staff will need to succeed. Here is a partial list of training topics and expanded industry solutions you can purchase separately or plug these into the Deal With It game:

Bank Teller Training
Credit Union Teller Training
Business Ethics Training
Business Etiquette Training
Phone Etiquette and Phone Based Customer Service Training
Basic Management Training
Diversity Training
Employee Relations - Internal Service Training
Customer Service Training Modules for hundreds of industries.
Restaurant Customer Service Training and Food Safety Training Game Add-ons and Modules
Retail Industry Customer Service Training Game Add-ons and Modules
Professional Services Training Game Add-ons and Modules
Service Businesses Game Add-ons and Modules
Health Care Industry Patient and Customer Service Training Game Add-ons and Modules
Contractor and Home Improvement Customer Service Game Add-ons and Modules

Quick and Easy electonically delivered pre-shift meetings.Quick and easy pre-shift meetings

QE, the friend of training managers.
Now you can ensure your team is never without the materials they need to conduct effective meetings. With QE you can have weekly ready-to-deliver discussions that you can forward electronically or post to your web site as a manager resource. In just moments, you can quickly distribute what they need and get back to your other tasks.

The ulimate in flexible training.
QE can be delivered on you schedule and you can even have custom written scenarios to meet your specific needs. Whether you are a needing a way to supply your restaurants with pre-shift meetings, your branches with sales, service and compliance meetings, or just want challenge for your weekly huddle, QE can make your job Quick and Easy.

Bank Sales, Service, and Compliance Branch Meetings
Restaurant Pre-Shift Meetings
Retail PreShift Meetings and Huddles
Professional Pre-Shift Meetings and Huddles

Suggestive sales, and sales opportunity training.Sales training games

A confident staff helps maximize your sales.
Creating added sales with existing customers does not have to be a struggle. Prosuasion is designed to help your staff recognize sales opportunities, anticipate customer needs, make attractive offerings, and overcome objections. You can give your team the confidence to offer appropriate additional items with boldness to ensure your customers leave with their needs met.

Your products, your services, your need.
Prosuasion is not an off-the-shelf program. You choose the scope of your training, and custom modules are written to meet your specific need. There is no wasted effort having to cover areas of strength.

Bank Sales Training
Restaurant Suggestive Sales Training
Retail Suggestive Sales Training

Character and values education game for youth.values education game

Teaching values and character education can sometimes be a tough job.
The key to teaching youth how you expect them to handle tough situations, and peer pressure in life is to be up front and tell them. Most children do not want to disappoint their parents; Deal With It for youth gives you the tool to tell them what you want.

Group activity or character education game.
This special version of Deal With It allows you to set the bar with realistic situations. You allow participants to express their decision making and reasons; and you can explain preferred responses and why you hold them. Don't let society set your child's moral compass!

Parents teaching values to their children
Youth leaders and teachers, teaching character education

Customized games and materials, personalized with your logo.

Training with the look and feel you would create if you had the time.
We can write and create customized training materials incorporating your company logo, colors, mission statement, motto and contact information. You can be the only person who knows you took only a few hours reviewing and approving your custom work, but others will think you spent weeks of effort to achieve the results.

Small budgets with big results.
You do not need to spend your entire training budget to get customized training for your team. We can often create customized materials for hundreds not thousands of dollars. Whether you need a set of customized flash cards for your briefcase, or ten thousand for your entire corporation, we can meet your need. We can convert your training manual into a internet or intranet website, (please email if you would like to see a sample of a three inch binder conversion for a national company. We can also create printed games, preshift materials, electronically delivered meetings, electronic flashcards sets, and fun quizzes and informational pieces.

Unique Training Solutions, Inc. has more for you.
You can enter to win a free customer service training game. That is correct; you can win your own copy of Deal With It; and you need not worry about your email being sold or rented.

Unique Training Solutions, Inc. also has career opportunities available.
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